April Glymm Box!

Hey everyone I wanted to share with you what I received in my April Glymm box. So just like my previous post, Glymm box is very similar to Topbox. For $10 a month (plus tax) you get 4-5 "deluxe" beauty samples. This month I was very disappointed with my Glymm box. This is the third time that the Glymm boxes have been disappointing and last month I never tried any of the samples they sent me. 

Click below to find out what I got! 

The first thing I noticed was the Lucia soap. I've seen this several time in their website but was reluctant to purchasing this because I feel like paying $17.50 for a bar of soap is way too much. The sample that was in the box was 25g of product and when you buy full price you get eight of these 25g soaps. The scent that I received is Wild Ginger and Fresh Fig and the smell is quite pleasant. This is definitely the product I'm most interested in trying. Sadly, I'm most interested in trying a soap in my "beauty" box. 

The next thing that caught my eye in the Glymm box was a Mai Couture lip gloss. I have never heard of this brand before receiving my box. The packaging is identical to the MAC lipgloss package as it is essentially the same size bottle but with a different coloured top. Personally I don't like to wear lipgloss so this product does not interest me at all. In addition, the colour that I received is Flirtini which is just a milky beige - hardly shows on my lips. Most likely will be giving this to my sister. It's also disappointing that we got another lipgloss product when we received a lipgloss sample in the March Glymm box. The full size of this lipgloss is priced at $28 and contains 5ml of product. Would I ever pay $28 for this lipgloss colour? No.

The Glymm box also contained a sample of the Free Your Mane Shampoo and Conditioner. I feel like this sample is in no way a "deluxe" sample. I'll only be able to use this for one shower. A deluxe sample should provide me with multiple uses, not just one. The full size of this shampoo and conditioner is priced at $16 and contains 300mL of product. The samples given contains only 7.4mL. 

The final sample was the MOST disappointing. The box came with a sample of Atelier Cologne in Orange Sanguine. There is nothing, absolutely nothing "deluxe" about this sample. I can get these samples at any department store or Sephora for FREE. I should not be paying money for samples I could be getting somewhere else. Secondly, I HATE when they send perfume samples because everyone prefers different scents. There is no way that every Glymm member will like the perfume that they are sent. This is the third time they have sent a perfume sample and each time I did not like the perfume sample as I am a very picky person with scents. The perfume also came with a postcard.

Finally the box also contained a coupon code towards the company NUME. I feel this is totally unnecessary. I'm paying for a beauty box, not a coupon box. I don't want this coupon to replace the value of my other beauty samples. 

Overal, I am disappointed with this month's Glymm box. I haven't been excited about a Glymm box since ... I can't remember the last time. They continue to disappoint me and if I could, I would unsubscribe. Unfortunately I bought a yearly membership and have to wait three more months before I can unsubscribe. 

Hope this review helped anyone considering if they should purchase a Glymm box.