Fresh: Sugar Lip Treatment

Hey everyone! I've recently tried the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment from Sephora's Beaty Insider birthday gift. I got a mini size of the lip balm and I've been testing it out for the past week. 

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This lip balm is very creamy and makes my lips feel really moisturizing. The lip balm doesn't have a strong scent but has a nice taste to it. I've tried some lip balms that have a very artificial taste that I absolutely hated. This is not one of them. I use this throughout the day and even to prep my lips when I apply lipstick. The only downside to this lip balm is that it breaks very easily. I think this is because the one I received from Sephora was a mini size and also because the product is very creamy. 

I will continue using this but I don't think I'll be purchasing the full size. The full size retails for $22.50 and that's too pricey for me to spend on just lip balm. I have a couple favourite lip balms from the drugstore that I prefer using that cost a fraction of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. 

Have you tried the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment? What are your thought? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day!

Stela :)