NOT Loving: Makeup Forever Smoky Lash

Hey everyone! Just here with rant about a product I hated! The infamous Makeup For Ever Smoky Lash. 

Find out why I hated this product after the jump! 

I heard such great things about this mascara and I thought I would absolutely love it. But this was not the case. This mascara did nothing for me. Yes it made my lashes look longer but made them look way too clumpy. And I hate when mascara's make my lashes clumpy. Also getting my end lashes was difficult with the wand, it would usually tug and scratch my skin. This was not easy to work with. Now I got a sample of this from a previous Topbox and I'm glad I got the sample before I bought a full size of this because it is not a cheap mascara. 

Will not be purchasing this in the future and greatly disappointed by this. 

Have a great day!