June Glymm Box!

Hey everyone! I received my June Glymm box earlier this week and wanted to share with you what I was sent. 

Click below to find out what I received!

The first product I noticed was the Vitamin & Sea Perfect Skin Solution serum. This product is 100% natural and I'm looking forward to seeing the results it provides. Vitamin & Sea is also a Canadian company, although I haven't heard about them before. Also this sample is really small, there is nothing deluxe about this sample. The full size product retails for $68.

Glymm also provided two samples of La Fresh nail polish remover pads. I used these today and had to use both the pads to remove my pedicure colour. These were nice and had a nice scent to them. These are great for people who travel and want to change their nail polish. A pack of 18 retail for $9.99.  

The next product was a sample of Salvadore Dali ItIs Dream perfume. I hate when beauty subscriptions give perfume samples like these because I can get these type of samples for free.  

Glymm included a Harmony by Belvada Duo. One side of the duo is a lipstick and the other side is a balm. I've never seen a product like this and the colour of both the lipstick and balm are nice. I'm looking forward to trying this product out. 

Finally, the last product was a Clark's Botanicals Intense Radiance Mask. This is a nice sized sample and I'm looking forward to trying the mask out. The full size retails for $72. 

Overall, this month did not wow me. I like how they provided a variety of products but I was disappointed about the serum and the perfume sample.

What did you receive in your Glymm box?

Have a great day!

Stela :)