August Topbox!

Hey everyone, hope you're all having a great week! Another month has gone by which also means another Topbox has arrived! 

Click below to find out what I received! 

The first thing I noticed when I received was that the box was quite heavy. This was mainly caused by the NEXXUS shampoo and conditioner samples. I've used both the shampoo and conditioner and was pleased with them. Though I still prefer the Joico K-Pak shampoo and conditioner. 

Next, a sample of Dot Marc Jacobs perfume was included in the August Topbox. I usually hate when beauty subscriptions send perfume samples because I'm very picky with my scents but I really like this perfume sample. The 50 mL retails for $79 and the 100 mL retails for $105. 

This month's Topbox also included a sample of the L'eau de Chloe perfumed body lotion. I'm not a fan of this scent so I'll be giving this to a friend who likes the scent. The full size retails for $60.

Next, this month's Topbox included the Expression Blush brush. This is the second Expression brush I own and I'm disappointed with the quality of this brush. The barrel is a little bit loose and will probably worsen with continuos usage and washing. In addition, the hairs on this brush aren't very soft and a little scratchy on the face. This brush retails for $22.

This box also included one sample of the Pink Wipes. I've never heard of this company and at first glance I thought this was a facial wipe but it's actually a feminine wipe. I think this is great for travel purposes. The full size retails for $12 and comes with 15 wipes. 

Lastly, this month's Topbox also included a sample of the Kellett Clarifying Acne Treatment. I've been using this on an new pimple and has actually helped reduce the size and redness. The full size retails for $75.

Overall, I'm happy with some of the products that were included in this month's Topbox specifically the Kellett Clarifying Acne Treatment and Dot Marc Jacobs perfume. 

Have a great week everyone!

Stela :)