Beauty Blender Review!

The Beauty Blender has always intrigued me after hearing endless good reviews about it. I decided to finally pick one up and try it myself since I had accumulated points on Glymm. Boy am I glad I picked this up!

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First off, I was totally surprised by the size of this sponge. It's so small. Given that it's $20+ I imaged it a little bit bigger. Below I photographed it beside a MAC lipstick just to give you a comparison if you haven't seen one in person. Though, when you wet it, it definitely expands a significant amount. 

As to it's application, the sponge is very gentle on the skin and applies my foundation beautifully! I only apply my foundation using the sponge when it's damp, though you can use the sponge dry too. I've used it with two different foundations and it makes it look like I'm not even wearing foundation. This sponge is great, blends beautifully! I really like how it's an egg shape and I can use the top end of the sponge to blend around my nose. I specifically use the top end to blend my concealer under my eyes. This trick has made my concealer look amazing, no creasing what so ever! I hate when my concealer creases on me and the Beauty Blender is such a quick fix to this. 

Overall, I'm very very happy with this purchase. Makes foundations look like skin and blends concealer beautifully. I couldn't ask for more.

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Highly recommend and will be repurchasing! 


Have a great day!

Stela :)