Givenchy Hot Couture Review - All Time Favourite Fragrance

Holiday time is filled with lot of parties and get togethers with great friends. 

Everyone wants to look great with all the right makeup and clothes. But don't forget your fragrance! 

My all time favourite fragrance has to be the Givenchy Hot Couture. I absolutely love this fragrance. 

This is my second bottle of this baby which is big for me because I hardly ever repurchase a perfume. When repurchasing this the second time I picked up the 100mL because I ran through the 50mL really quickly. 

Whenever I wear this I get compliments on how nice it smells and a lot of the time it's from guys which is always a plus ;) 

I can also wear this all year round, I find it suitable for all seasons. Also wear this day and night. Pretty much my signature scent. I also like that it's not very overpowering if you spray a lot on. My norm is usually two or three sprays. 

I'm really bad at describing scents so I'll just write what notes are described on Sephora.

Notes: Rasberry Dew, Jasmin, Bergamot, White Musk

A lot of people described this as a sexy smell on Sephora's review and I can definitely relate to that. It's great for dates with that special someone but I have no problem wearing this everyday to school. It's also very long lasting but I do keep a mini size in my purse just in case I want to freshen up. 

I will also note that if you're trying this at a store let it sink in for a few minutes. It smells really different from when you first spray it. So spray this on your hand, then go browse for a bit. Smell this maybe after five or so minutes to get the true scent of this fragrance. 

Absolutely adore the Givenchy Hot Couture and I will be repurchasing this for as long as they make it. It is a must have in my collection!

Highly, highly, highly recommend if you haven't already checked it out! 

Find it online at Sephora!

Also for those who celebrate I hope you have a fabulous Christmas and for those who don't hope your holidays are also wonderful!

Have a great day everyone!

Stela :)