Instagram Update!

Hey everyone here with another Instagram update. Here are some of the photos I've taken recently. Hope you enjoy! 

1. Love this necklace that I ordered through Ebay. Identical to the JCrew one but wayyy cheaper.
2. Not quite right Starbucks...
3. Yay! Free drink at Starbucks :)
4. This is what my dresser looks like after getting ready for a night out.
5. Yumm the steak was soo good.
6. Love this Topshop dress I picked up for a party.
7. New Essie polish in Bahama Mama, excited to try it out!
8. This is what my nights were filled with recently :(
9. We shall be strong in our weakness.
10. Holiday nail picks.
11. Bringing some colour to a cold Canadian day.
12. Started another bottle of Elizabeth Arden's Perpetual Moisturizer, my favourite!

Hope you're having a great day! 

Stela :)