Moroccan Oil Review! Current Favourite

Hey everyone! Hope you've been having a great month so far. I've been slacking on posts terribly but my exams are over so I'm determined to get back into things. First, I wanted to share with you a hair care product I have been enjoying lately. Moroccan Oil is a product I recently rediscovered when I ran out of my other hair oil I was using. I bought this last year and stopped using after I purchased the Macadamia oil. But I'm on a mission to finish all the hair and skin care products that are half empty and just accumulating in my bathroom. So after taking this out again, I have really been loving it! 

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I've heard everyone talk about this product, it's probably one of the more popular hair care products. Though the hype is definitely well deserved! I use this before I blow dry my hair and have been loving the results. It leaves my hair really soft and gives a nice shine. I apply it only near the ends (nothing above my ears). I find that a dime size amount does the job but sometimes if my hair is really dehydrated I'll use a little more. I find this oil being less thick than others such as the Macadamia Oil, so even if I use more than needed my hair wont end up looking greasy. 

Also the scent of this product is amazing. Though for me it doesn't last all day, just at the beginning when I first apply it. So if you don't like scented hair products it shouldn't be much of a problem as the scent doesn't last long. I have fine hair and I find that this doesn't weigh down my hair which is always a plus because my hair doesn't have much volume. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this if you haven't tried it out. Although it still doesn't beat my love for the Macadamia Oil. After I finish this I won't repurchase right away because I want to finish the Joico and Biosilk oils that I previously purchased. 

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Have you tried any hair care oils that you love? Please let me know as I would love to try them out! 

Have a great day

Stela : )