Skincare Favourites! Ft. Vasanti, Philosophy, Kellett, Clinique, and Elizabeth Arden

Hey everyone! I made a YouTube video on my favourite skincare products but I wanted to also made a blog post decidated to these products as I really enjoy using them. I have normal skin but I do get oily on my T-zone. 

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The Vasanti Brighten Up scrub is one of my favourite products. I first discovered this from a previous Glymm box and decided I needed to pick up a full size. This has lasted me since April and it's pretty much almost done now. It's not too rough like some scrubs I've tried and I can sometimes use this everyday. I think this would also be great for people with sensitive skin as it's not too abrasive. Find it online here.

Another favourite is the Elizabeth Arden Perpetual Moisture 24 Lotion. I loveee this moisturizer and have recently just started a new bottle. It's great for morning and night and can be used all year round. Absorbs really quickly into the skin and makes my skin feel nice and hydrated every time I use it. Found half price here!

Another product I also really enjoyed using was the Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser. This was a sample from a previous Topbox that I finished a while ago so it wasn't featured in my YouTube video. The cleanser is really gentle on my skin and removes all traces of makeup including mascara so easily. It never irritated my eyes while getting my eye makeup off too! I love this product as I can use this to cleanse and remove all my makeup in one step. I don't have to use two different products making my nighttime routine quick! I really want to purchase a full size of the Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser! Check it out online at Sephora.

The Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief is another skincare favourite. I love this moisturizer during the spring and summer as it's really light and absorbs quickly. During the winter this doesn't provide enough moisture and I prefer using the Elizabeth Arden moisturizer then. I think this is more suitable for people with either oily or normal skin as this doesn't provide enough moisture for those with dry skin. Find it online at Sephora!

Finally, another Topbox sample that I love is the Kellett Clarifying treatment. This product makes any breakout disappear within a couple days. I absolutely love this product. I also just use this treatment at night before I moisturizer. It also contains benzoyl peroxide 5%. The only downside is the price at $75 a pop. This really breaks my heart as I really want to repurchase this when my sample finishes but the price is really high. 

Please also leave comments on your skincare favourites as I'd love to try them out! 

Have a great day!

Stela :)