Shiseido Facial Cotton Review !!

It's mid February and I haven't made a single post this month. Bad bad bad Stela. 
The only excuse I have is that school got a wee bit hectic .. what else is new? 

But netherless, I need to catch up on some posts and tomorrow I will be taking some much needed photos for upcoming reviews. 

Oh did I forget? HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !! :) <3

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentines Day! How are you spending your day? 
My day started after getting a good eleven hours of much needed sleep. Sat on my bed eating chocolate (thanks Dad!) and finishing my last assignment. Now that is done and midterms are finished its officially reading week for me!! :) *jumps with joy*

Ok rambling done. Time to get to the review. Today its all about Shiseido, more specifically Shiseido Facial Cotton. I love this stuff. This is the second batch I've gone through and I'm about to run out. Find out below why I love these cotton pieces so much ;)

These cotton squares are most likely the best I've ever tried. Don't think I can go back to regular cotton pads from the drugstore after I've spoiled myself with these for almost a year. I use these for pretty much anything; make-up removal, nail polish removal, toner, you name it. If I'm wearing heavy eyeshadow I find I need one for each eye, but if it's just a bit of mascara and some cream eyeshadow, one cotton square will take care of both eyes. 

Shiseido's Facial Cotton is super soft! Great for makeup removal as these wont scratch your face and great for the delicate area around your eyes. These babies also leave absolutely no fluff on your face. I get so annoyed when using other cotton pads and get fluff all over my face, but with these that problem is nonexistent. 

A package for me lasts about five to six months so I know that I'm getting my money's worth as I need less cotton pads to use since they're so thick and absorb a good amount of product. 

You can find these at any Shiseido counter or here!

Highly recommend you try these! 
I need to go to Sephora ASAP and get more as I'm almost out! 
Have you tried these before? 

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day and I leave you with a video I've watched more than a hand-full of times when I should have been studying. Enjoy! 

Stela :)