First bit of 2013 through Instagram

Hey everyone, hope you're all having a great weekend! Mine is being spent working on too many assignments :( Pretty boring weekend so thought it would be a good time to do another Instagram update as these are pretty quick for me to whip up. 

1. Too many martini options @Eat My Martini (Toronto)
2. Still loving Stila's Fiery Liquid Lipstick
3. Yummmmm! Italiana pastries warm the soul. 
4. Essie Set in Stones.
5. Wishing summer was back. Dress is from Topshop. Lipstick is a red by Mac (believe the colour is discontinued).
6. Finally found Bikini So Teeny by Essie! Woohooo!!
7. Casual night out with friends. Top is from Topshop and JCrew inspired necklace is from Ebay! 
8. What most of my nights are looking like lately.
9. Sister made cupcakes fro VDay! They were so yummy ;)
10. I'm a champion at Monopoly, you may not want to play with me.
11. Drinks @Eat My Martini. Ricky is my favourite.
12. Pomegranate juice to rehydrate. Another love of mine.

That is all for today, hope you all have a great weekend and a great start to March! Now back to working on assignments for me.

Stela :)