Simple Eye Makeup Remover Review!

Today I thought I'd talk about a makeup remover I've been using lately. I got this in a previous Topbox but finally got around to using it recently. It's the Simple Eye Makeup Remover. This British skincare brand has made their move to Canada earlier last year and I've tried a few other products from them. Find out what I thought about this makeup remover below! 

This makeup remover is targeted to those with sensitive skin, hence the name. Though, I have a problem with this. I found that when I use this I have to use an extra amount of product to get my mascara off. Plus, I would have to really rub my eye area to get all the makeup around my eyelashes off. This isn't good for anyone, let alone people with sensitive skin. 

Simple states that this makeup remover has no oil, no greasy residue, no dyes, no artificial perfumes, and no harsh irritants. As to the no oil and no greasy residue, this is true. I find when I use this I don't have to wash my eye area with water to remove any residue. My eye area didn't get irritated using this but my skin hardly gets irritated when I use different products so I'm not the best person to test this claim. 

Overall, once this is finished I will not be purchasing the full size. Although its great that it has no oil, no greasy residue, etc. this takes forever to take my eye makeup off as I have to constantly rub my eye area. Simple states on their website that this even takes waterproof mascara off. I have trouble removing regular mascara with this makeup remover, I don't even want to try it with waterproof mascara. 

Save yourself the money and hassle and try another makeup remover. 

Have a great day

Stela :)