Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment Review

The next few months I'm on a mission to clear through some of my makeup. I've gotten to a point where things are getting excessive and I'm not using half the stuff I've spend my hard earned money on.

I've had this sample from Cover FX from a previous Topbox. I liked it when I used it and then it got replaced by other primers I wanted to try out. 

Took it out this past week and remembered why I liked it so much.

Find out more below! 

I have normal/combination skin and I mainly use this on my t-zone as this is where I get oily throughout the day. I've really been enjoying this primer lately as it keeps my t-zone at bay without having to powder my face throughout the day. I apply my makeup around 5am and don't take it off until later at night. This primer gets me through a work day without needing to retouch. I also set my foundation and apply a setting spray. 

One day this week I didn't use this primer and noticed a significant difference. Without this primer I had to powder my face around lunch time as my t-zone was getting too oily. When I used the primer I didn't have to retouch my makeup. 

I also like the consistency of the primer. It's a gel formula which absorbs quickly on to the skin and blends easily. It isn't heavy on the skin nor has it caused me to break out. 

Now onto its anti-acne claim. I don't suffer from acne so I'm not the best tester for that aspect. Though it does contain salicylic acid so I assume that's where it gets its "anti-acne" properties. 

Overall, if you have oily skin I would recommend the Cover FX Mattifying Primer. It's lightweight, blends easily, and keeps skin matte. I probably will purchase the full size once this sample is finished (plus the other primers I have laying around)

Find it here.

Have a great weekend!

Stela :) 

PS. You may have noticed the domain change, after months of wanting to buy my own domain I did it! :)