KMS Silk Sheen Shampoo and Conditioner Review

KMS is a brand I always go back to. 
I've been using this brand since high school and have always enjoyed their shampoos and conditioners. 

Recently I've been trying out the Silk Sheen line and wasn't that impressed.

Find out why below! 

The KMS Silk Sheen Shampoo claims it provides shine and increases manageability and movement. Did it provide shine to my hair? Yes. I liked this shampoo as it gave my hair enough shine without it looking oily. Even if I did two washes I never had this problem. Did it increase manageability and movement? Umm .. no. Aside from the shine I didn't see any extra benefits added to my hair. It's a nice shampoo but nothing to make you run to the store to pick it up. Will I repurchase? Probably. 

Now on to the conditioner. I don't know if my hair is too damaged but I saw no change to my hair while using this conditioner. I have dry ends and this added hardly any moisture. In my opinion it's a bit too thin to provide a significant amount of moisture. As to it helping add shine I don't think it accomplished this either. I apply conditioner only to my ends and I saw no shine added as a result of the conditioner. So this was a fail for me. Will I repurchase? Don't think so. There are other conditioners from the KMS line I prefer. 

If you're in Canada you can usually find KMS hair care at Winner/Marshalls so I'd check there first if you're thinking of buying any of their products. That's usually where I pick up my KMS hair products. 

On a side note. I love the new packaging. It's very sleek and the bottle has a rubbery feel to it. 

What are some of your favourite shampoo and conditioners? Let me know in the comments below! 

Have a great day!

Stela :)