Bioderma Sensibio H2O Review

Probably one of the most popular makeup removers.

Having heard all the hype I had to give it a go. 

So did it live up to its expectations?

Find out below! 

I think I can understand why people love this makeup remover so much. It's non-greasy, efficient and gentle. Removes all of my makeup with such easy. No tugging and no residue left over. Great for those late nights when you quickly want to get rid of your makeup. I've used it with waterproof makeup too and never had a problem taking off my makeup. Even taking of my red lip stain is a breeze now! 

Any cons? Maybe the price. Around $20 for a 250 mL bottle. I find that I use a lot of the product and can definitely see it finishing quickly. 

So would I repurchase? 

Most likely. 

What are your thoughts on Bioderma? Any other makeup removers you like to use? 

Have a great day!