Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray Review

Setting sprays have become really popular lately. And sadly for me I had never ventured into setting sprays. Even with my oily t-zone I had never tried them out. So I figured I'd start with one of the more popular setting sprays on the market currently, the Urban Decay All Nighter. Picked up the mini size to give it a go before I splurged on the big one (that Sephora check out line always results in you purchasing more!) 

So I want to love this product. Why? Because everyone that I have ever heard talk about this loves it. But... I don't love it. It's an ok product. Is it life changing? No. Does it make my makeup last the 16  hours its claims? No. 

The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray provides a fine mist when applied. I usually did 3-4 sprays across my face. I found that after it dried I didn't feel the spray on my face at all. No stickiness what so ever. So what was the problem?

Well I didn't really see much difference with or without the spray. Sure it made my makeup set nicely for the first few hours but by 2 pm on a work day, my makeup did not look like it did when I first applied it. My t-zone would start to get shiny and I could hardly see my blush anymore. Not much difference to when I didn't use the UD setting spray. 

I've tested this both in humid weather and it definitely didn't help my makeup from not melting off ... but hey not much can help makeup in humid conditions.

So, overall will I repurchase? Still undecided. I might try the other UD setting sprays to see if there is any difference between them. Didn't notice my makeup lasting that much longer that I want to shell out $35 to purchase the full sized version.

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of setting sprays? 

Have a great day!