MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

When I saw pictures of the MAC RiRi Woo lipstick I knew I had to try it. When it came out in June I totally missed the boat and didn't get a chance to get it. But I waited patiently until it was released later in the year. Ordered it as soon as I got the chance without trying it out. I just hoped it lived up to all the hype. Well it did. And I'm soo happy I bought this lipstick that it's been my red lipstick choice as of late!

Find out more below! 

MAC RiRi Woo is definitely my choice of red when I want to make a statement with my makeup. It's a cool matte red. No shine or glitter what so ever with this lipstick. One reason I love this lipstick is the longevity. It last for hours without having to reapply. But it's not one that you can eat with. I find that when I eat wearing MAC RiRi Woo I have to reapply as some of the lipstick does come off. 

I also don't need to use a lip liner. Since it's a very dry formula due to the matte texture, it doesn't bleed or smudge once applied. Though, if you prefer, a lip liner would make application much quicker. I tend to find that I have to clean up around my lip line when applying as I skip the lip liner. 

The one con I find with this lipstick is that it is a bit drying. Definitely moisturize your lips prior to using it! 

It is currently sold out on the MAC website but check your local counters if you're interesting in trying it out! I wouldn't wait too long as it is a limited edition product.

After this is done I'll definitely be picking up MAC Ruby Woo, which is said to be very similar. 

What are some of your favourite red lipsticks? 

Have a great day!