Biotherm Aquasource Skincare

Back in February I got the opportunity to have breakfast with Biotherm and learn all about their Aquasource line. I've never ventured into trying anything from Biotherm so I was excited to learn about one of their most popular skincare lines. 

Find out more below! 

First up is the product that started the entire skin line, the Aquasouce moisturizer*. What I love about this moisturizer is the gel formula. I find that on my normal/oily skin gel formulas work the best as they absorb quickly and provide just the right amount of moisture. I found the Biotherm Aquasource moisturizer did just that. Left my skin feeling comfortable and hydrated. The one thing I have to note is that this moisturizer (and the other two products) have a very distinct fragrance, so if you prefer skincare with no fragrance you may not like this. The smell is a bit minty and fruity, a bit hard to describe. Though, the smell is not too strong and after the gel absorbs in my skin I can't really smell the fragrance anymore. The only con I have to say about this moisturizer is the packaging. This jar is so heavy and I really wish it was packaged differently because I definitely would not take this with me travelling. 

Next up is the Aquasource Night moisturizer*. This has been my go to night cream since I've received it. It provides much more moisture than the original and have definitely felt the difference if I skipped this for another moisturizer. Even though it has a more intense formula it absorbs into the skin just as quickly as the Aquasource. My skin feels super soft in the morning and this is a product I'll be keeping in my bathroom cabinet for a long time. Also love the packaging, super light making it great for travelling. 

Finally, another great product by Biotherm is the Aquasource Deep Serum*. I tend to use this only in the morning before applying my makeup as it has a pearlesque finish. The finish gives a nice glow to the skin and it's a nice feature for those mornings when I haven't gotten enough sleep.  It absorbs really quickly into the skin and I can start doing makeup right away without having to wait too long to let the serum absorb. I find that on my normal/oily skin the serum provides me with just enough moisture in the morning without having to apply another layer of moisturizer. 

Overall, I think this is a great skincare line by Biotherm. I'm very happy to be introduced to this line and I can see myself repurchasing all these products in the future. If I were to pick a favourite it'd have to be the Aquasource Night moisturizer but I think the original Aquarsouce cream and the deep serum are both great products worth checking out!

What are some of your favourite skincare items? 

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