Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

I'm not a fan of powder foundations on their own since I find they don't give enough coverage but I always set my foundation with powder to make it last longer. Tanya Burr has featured this powder in so many videos and has said so many positive things that I definitely had to try it out myself. Well I liked it so much that this is my second one! 

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First up, lets talk about the packaging. Not the fanciest and pretty cheap looking but for less than $10, can't really complain. I get the Transparent shade just so I don't have to worry about getting a shade too dark for my skintone. The transparent shade doesn't add any coverage, just sets everything. With that being said, this powder removes all shine to my face. So if you prefer to have a more natural finish to your foundation, this powder is not for you. Lasting power is pretty average. Can go eight hours without having to retouch my makeup. If I have to retouch it's only on my t-zone.

Overall, I think for less than $10, this is a great power. I recommend it for those who like matte look and tend to have an oiler skin tone. 

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