Travel Adventures: London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich


Our trip started by flying into London. First day of our trip wasn't that productive as we were all jet lagged. Over the next two days we spent time visiting various landmarks such as Trafalgar Square, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, James Park, Big Ben, Hype Park, Kengiston Garden, Buckingham Palace, and also took the train out to Windsor to visit Windsor Castle! 


Our next stop was very short. We only spend one day in Brussels as we got told by friends that the city is small and can be covered in one day. Most of the day was spent on a walking tour, eating lots of Belgium waffles and finally visiting the Justice Palace. The Justice Palace was so grand and a definite must see if you're visiting Brussels. 


The next stop was Amsterdam which was one of my favourite cities we visited. We did a walking tour the first full day we were there and also did a tour of the Red light District which was definitely an experience. Also went to the Heineken brewery for the Heineken experience, lots of fun! On our last day we stopped to see the Anne Frank Museum (if you ever go, be ready for a long line to get in) and then biked around the canals until we had to head back to the train station. If you're visiting the train station, try to pick a place near the train station, its really close to the main tourist area and makes getting around really easy as you can walk pretty much everywhere. 


A night train later and we arrived in Munich. If you love beer, you need to go to Munich! Best beer I have ever had! The beer halls and beer gardens are a must when you visit Germany. We also did two day trips to the Dachau concentration camp as wells as to Neuschwanstein Castle (the Disney castle was based of this one).

Next travel post will include photos from Budapest, Hvar, and Split! 

Have a great day!