Travel Adventures: Rome, Venice/Burano, Florence, Cinque Terre

The next stop in our travels was Italy and other than Venice (visited back in 2008), all the other spots we picked were new to me. We arrived in Ancona and took a quick train to Rome!

Check out more photos below! 


Rome for us started on a bad foot. Five minutes after arriving and trying to find our streetcar to get to our airbnb location, my friend got her camera stolen. Definitely keep an eye on all your belongings when travelling (especially when getting on and off moving vehicles with your luggage)! We visited some of the tourist spots such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican and Vatican Museum (buy tickets online before!!), and Spanish Steps. 

Venice / Burano:

Our next stop was Venice. Last time I visited Venice I fell in love with the island and it didn't disappoint. One of the best things to do in Venice is just wonder around canals and get lost. Also check out the street artists! Picked up an oil painting for $20 euros! While we were there we also took a ferry to the island of Burano. I had never heard of this island but I'm so happy my friends recommend we go there. It's a small fisherman's' island with all the houses painted different colours! It's such a small island that if you only have an afternoon to head over there I highly recommend you do it! 


Next up, Florence! If you love leather goods, you need to go to Florence! The main market has endless booths filled with shoes, bags, belts, and so many more leather goods! Anyone visiting Italy knows that when they come here they must have gelato, but did you know that gelato was actually invented in Florence? I definitely had way too much gelato in Italy! 

Cinque Terre:

Our last Italy stop was Cinque Terre. We stayed in an apartment in Riomaggiore, the first of the five towns. Cinque Terre was totally different then the other spots in Italy we visiting. It's a lovely place to relax and just enjoy yourself. In the afternoon everyone sits on the rocks by the beach drinking wine and watching the sunset! Also do at least one hike when visiting Cinque Terre. We hiked from the town Vernazza to Monterosso, and even though the hike was hard, it was a great experience. Would also highly recommend the restaurant Billy's in Manarola if you're heading to Cinque Terre, best seafood and my favourite meal out of my entire trip! 

Next we're heading to the south of France!

Have a great day!