Travel Adventures: Santorini

One of the last spots in our Euro trip was Santorini. Santorini was too beautiful to describe in words. I fell in love with this island and it made me want to visit many more Greek islands. Sadly we didn't find Kostas in Santorini, he was probably down at the docks fishing as per usual.  

We stayed in the town of Fira for three nights. Finding our hotel after getting off the bus was a mission but we luckily managed to find it after asking several people for directions (pretty much everyone speaks English but if you know Greek people are instantaneously more friendly towards you). Since Fira isn't located near any of the main beaches we rented ATVs for our entire stay. This was the best decision we made. Since we split the cost they weren't that expensive and they were super fun to drive around the island. While in Santorini we also drove to Oia to watch the famous sunset. Oia is a beautiful town and walking around and stepping into the small boutiques was a lot of fun. Two other friends of ours joined us in Santorini and we had a great time with them. I'd highly recommend staying in the main town Fira if travelling to Santorini. It's in the middle of the island so driving to Oia or the beaches isn't that far, accommodation prices are reasonable, there are many many food options (Billy's is a must for gyros), and has great nightlife!

After Santorini we headed back to Athens. My friends stayed for another two days to explore Athens before heading back to Toronto. I stayed in Athens for another month since I have a lot of family there and I wanted to spend some time with them. 

Overall, this was the best summer and I had an unforgettable time in Europe with my friends and family!