Europe Haul

If you've been keeping track with my blog you know I was in Europe this past summer. So obviously before I left I made a list of productions that I wanted to pick up along the way. Because I had a small suitcase, I couldn't go too overboard with my purchases so only picked up a few items here and there. 

From the previous photo: Bioderma Atoderm Lip Balm. This came in a set of three and I think it was around the 6 Euro mark. I can't live without lip balm and this lip balm was a nice surprise. Love the fruity smell and keeps my lips nice and moisturized. 

Next up, the famous Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I've heard so many good things about this concealer that I knew I'd be picking it up when I was in London. Does not disappoint. Highly pigmented and great for under the eyes. 

The only nail polish I picked up on my trip was Barry M's Green Berry. My friend actually spotted it and I'm really happy I bought this. Was a great minty polish for the summer and it was on my toes for about two months before I changed the colour up. 

Of course I had to try the Soap & Glory Hand Food. Love the scent of this hand cream and I'll be buying the full size once I finish this one. The Soap & Glory body butter was purchased by accident. I meant to pick up the body scrub but somehow got the body butter. Actually happily surprised about the mix up because this body butter was so good! Has the same scent as the hand food and makes my skin feel so nice once applied. Will be buying the full size! 

So when we went to France, I knew that I'd be hitting up the French Pharmacies for some skincare. First up - Biafine. This is actually my second tube. Bought the smaller size when we were in Nice and used up most of it cause I got super burned in Ibiza. So when we went back to Paris I knew I'd be buying the larger size. This is mainly for when you get burnt, including sunburns which with my very pale skin tone are unavoidable. 

Also picked up Homeoplasmine. I haven't really used this much but it's basically like Vaseline. Can be used on any part of the body that is irritated but also on chapped lips. 

Now a cult favourite, Embryolisse. I have been using this face cream and can definitely say it didn't disappoint. I like to use this before I apply makeup and makes my foundation apply so nicely.  

Also picked up Bioderma Solution Micellaire when I was in Paris. I know I can find this in Canada but it was much cheaper in Paris so decided to pick up a bottle. 

Finally, my new favourite deodorant that I wish I stocked up on. Bought the Vichy spray deodorant in Greece at pharmacy by my grandma's house. I love the fresh scent of this and spray deodorants are my favourite. The roll on version of this deodorant can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart which I'll eventually purchase, but wish they stocked the spray version!

So that pretty much sums up my Europe makeup/beauty/skincare purchases.

Hope you're having a great day!