Starting something new!

Hey everyone! 

This is just a quick post on some updates on the blog. Starting next week I'll be starting to post on regular periods. Due to my busy schedule with full time work and studying I'm only going to commit to a minimum of two posts per week. BUT I may also post more if I have time! 

Every Monday will be Makeup Monday. Posts on this day will mainly include makeup reviews.

The second post of the week will alternate between Thursday and Friday. (One week a post will be up on Thursday, then the next week a post will be up on Friday, and so forth)

Thursdays will be Top Thursday. These posts will range from things I'm loving in the week, to top products for a season, etc. 

Fridays will be a complete surprise. Friday posts may consist of anything. This could include fashion, travel, events, etc. 

I'm going to be trying really hard to keep up with my scheduled posts but I may miss a week when I'm writing my exams in the upcoming months. 

Hope you're excited for the change to Stellar Makeup! 

Have a great day!