Makeup Monday: Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O' Blushes Review

So when I first spotted this blush set on Instagram/Twitter I knew I had to check it out in store. Even though I own Benefit's Coralista, I was so excited about this blush palette! I've wanted to try other blushes from Benefit and this gives anyone new to the brand with a great chance to try out some of their best selling cheek products! 

Well, when I spotted this in Sephora I caved and bought it! 

Find out more below! 

This palette contains five Benefit blushes and the infamous Benefit Hoola bronzer. I will say that I haven't gotten to use the bronzer as I'm a bit too pale for it plus I've never really gotten the hand of contouring. 

Also, if you don't like shimmery blushes this palette isn't for you. All five blushes have shimmer, with Dandelion being the most toned down, and Bella Bamba the opposite with lots of shimmer. My go-to blush has become Benefit's Rockateur (bottom far right). This is a great everyday blush for the fall/winter since it's a berry toned blush. Also the shimmer gives your skin a nice flush. 

All five blushes have great pigmentation and blend beautifully on the skin. Dandelion, Sugarbomg and Coralista are also great for everyday since they're not that dramatic but give your cheeks a nice glow. I also want to note that the Coralista in this palette is really different from the original in the box. If you've ever tried/seen Coralista (original) it leans on the coral/bright pink side (hence the name). The Coralista in this palette as evident in the photos is more peach toned. So for me it wasn't too bad that I already owned Coralista since the one in this palette is pretty different. 

I will say that even though the packaging is really cute, it's annoying. It's super bulky and takes up a lot of room in my makeup drawer. This week I ordered a Z-Pallete and depotted the blushes and bronzer. This is probably the EASIEST thing to depot. Basically the blushes/bronzer pans are glued on to a foam rectangle that is inserted in the tin. I basically had to rip the top foam piece and pull the pans from the bottom foam. They came off super easy and the whole process took less than five minutes! Now these gorgeous blushes and bronzer sit inside my Z-Palette! 

Benefit have also included their Watt's Up! highlighter in this palette which was a nice bonus! I've actually reviewed this product already so head over here to read more! 

Overall, I'm really happy I picked this up! I've always wanted to try other Benefit blushes and this is a great way to try many at once without having to pay full price! I think this is a great gift for any Benefit lover for Christmas! 

What are some of your favourite Benefit blushes? 

Have a great day!