Travel Tips

This past summer I spent three months in Europe. It was an amazing experience and I definitely learnt a few things from travelling. Here are my top tips for those travelling to Europe! 

Something will go wrong. It doesn't matter how much you've planned, something will change your plans. For example, me and my friends had a pretty organized itinerary with our transportation and time arriving all planned out. Well, our plan pretty much went out the window when our train never showed up in Brussels or when our train went out service in Budapest and had to take three trains and a bus to get to Croatia, and then missing our bus to Plitvice Lakes. Just remember, that as much as you plan, something will go wrong and just embrace it and go along with things. Nothing else you can do about it.  

Beware of your surroundings. I think this important not only when you're travelling but in day to day life. But when you're travelling, it becomes more evident. If you're out at night and come along a sketchy area, try to remove yourself from that situation. Even though you're on vacation and want to have fun, remember that you want to be safe. 

Meet new people. When you're staying at hostels it's very easy to meet new people. Go on the tours that your hostel offers and you'll find some interesting people. 

Be spontaneous. On our trip we met along with two of our friends in Paris who happened to be there at the same time us. After talking with them we found out they'd be in Greece at the same time as us, so they ended up booking a ferry and hotel to meet us in Santorini while we were there. Their spontaneous plan to meet us in Santorini made that part of our trip even more fun. 

Store your memories. I think journalling or even having notes on your phone is important. There are so many things you'll do or places you'll visit that you want to remember. And even though we think we wont forget, chances are we will and having something to look back to is important. 

Make sure you back up your photos. If you're taking photos with your phone, upload them on your dropbox to make sure you don't loose your photos. If you're using a separate camera, have multiple memory cards that you can store separate of your camera in case you loose your camera. 

Laundry! When you're at a hostel that offers laundry service, make sure you use it! 

Don't worry about the sweets you're eating. When you're travelling in Europe you're bound to do a lot of walking. So you'll be burning off a lot of the food you eat. So enjoy yourself and indulge in that extra croissant ;) 

PACK LIGHT. This was a hard lesson learnt. When travelling to Europe on a budget you'll find that not a lot of places have elevators. So climbing numerous flights of stairs with a big luggage is not fun. Also, going up and down stairs at train stations is a pain. If I were to redo my trip, I'd bring along with me a backpack and a small carryon sized suitcase. 

Remember to enjoy the moment and not just go from place to place. You want to enjoy yourself and make sure you take everything in. 

Hope these tips helped you out!