Gosh Defining Brow Gel Review

I'm not sure when it happened but lately a lot of girls are obsessed with their brows. I'm guilty of being one of these girls. I think this has mainly been caused by the ever growing brow products that are being released. A couple of years ago the only brow products that I'd heard of were the Anastasia brow gels and MAC brow pencils. Now so many companies are coming out with brow products. 

Well, if you obsess about your brows like I do, you'll be happy to hear a drugstore alternative to get your brows looking good. 

Brow gels are my new favourite thing. They're super easy and quick. Yes it's an extra step in a rushed morning but grooming my brows with a brow gel makes a big difference for me. 

One of the best thing about brow gels in general is how easy they are to use. I'm a newbie with brow products, so if something is easy to use, I'm sold. I like how Gosh brow gel* get my brows to stay in shape and add some more definition to my brows. I use shade #3 and I think the colour matches my brows great. I have very dark brown hair/brows I find #3 dark enough for my brows. #4 is basically black and it was too harsh for my face. 

The only other brow gel I've ever tried was the Anastasia clear brow gel. I had a sample of this from a previous monthly subscription box (forgot which one). I though it was ok, but I wouldn't pay the price for a full sized. So I'm happy I have a drugstore alternative that keeps my brows in place throughout the day and gives my brows definition and shape. 

If you have really sparse brows I'd recommend filling them in first with a pencil/shadow then going over them with a brow gel like the Gosh Brow Gel to keep everything intact. Filling my brows for me is too much of a hassle in the morning so the Gosh Brow Gel has been a life savour in the mornings! 

What are some of your favourite brow products?

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