Bring back the moisture with L'occitane & Vichy

Hey everyone! The weather is finally getting better here in Toronto so getting our skin rehydrated again is much needed when the tights are no longer required. For the past few months these two lotions have been my go to. 

L'occitane is a brand that so many people gravitate to for skincare. Their Almond Oil Shower Gel is a favourite of mine and the L'occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Lotion is no exception. I like to apply this after I shower and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. It sinks into the skin pretty quickly, not leaving you feeling stinky before going to bed. 

Another lotion that I've also been reaching is the Vichy Ideal Body*. Just a disclaimer this was provided to me to test out, the L'occitane lotion I purchased with my own money. The Vichy Ideal Body is much thinner in consistency than the L'occitaine lotion, but it still provides the skin with much needed hydration. The Vichy Idea Body also includes hyaluronic acid, which I've seen pop up with more and more skincare, although I'm not too informed with all the benefits of hyaluronic acid and why it makes such a big difference to skinare/body products. This lotion also provides the skin with a nice sheen so this would be great for when you're showing off your legs and want to make sure they look shiny and hydrated!

Overall, I think these are both great options if you're in the market for a new lotion. Just a heads up I also have another post coming next week with even more lotions from the Body Shop! 

* This post contains product(s) provided for review purpose. All opinions are my own and no compensation has been provided for this post. Products provided for review purpose have been marked with a (*).