One Line A Day - Five Years in the Making

Hey everyone! Today's post is totally unrelated to beauty. 

I purchased a journal from Chapters about a month ago on a recommendation from a friend. The difference with this journal is that it's not a typical journal where you get like a page for the full day, but about five lines to write something short. And you do this for five years. 

What I like about this is that you have to be really brief or just write the most important/interesting things that happened to you that day. This can make each day's entry a bit different (depending on your lifestyle). Writing an entire page about one day is not something I could keep up. With my current schedule of busy season work + they studying for my upcoming exams, I don't want to repeat the same thing day after day, because realistically my days are very similar to one another. So I tend to write about a couple things that happened to me that day. Sometimes they're small things but they may be highlights to my day. Keeping things short also allows me to keep up with the journal. I tend to write my daily entry right before I go to sleep, keeping the journal on my bedside table for easy reach and no excuses to miss the day's entry. 

I've been doing it for about a month now and I can't wait until I have at least a year filled out, so when I'm writing my entries in 2016 I'll be able to read over the year before and see how that day was a year ago that day. It's going to be nice to remember things that happen to me during the year that I may have forgetting, because with everything that's going on with our busy lives we tend to forget some things. 

I picked up the journal at Chapters and if you're interested in purchasing one for yourself click here!

I think this would also made a good gift and I already know who I'll be getting this for! 

Have a great day!