Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Review

Hey everyone! 

I recently picked up the Laura Mercier Mineral powder after having heard so many people talking about it over the years. I got the pressed version because I tend to make too much of a mess with loose powders. 

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I picked up the lightest shade, Soft Porcelain, which matches me pretty good at the moment. But if I get a tan this summer this definitely will not match.

Let's talk about the pros first. I really like the packing, it's not bulky at all and has a mirror for touching up throughout the day. The powder is very sheer and it doesn't make my makeup look heavy when I apply it over foundation. I've also worn this on it's own and provides a nice sheer amount of coverage on those days where I can't be bothered with a bunch of makeup. 

Now the cons that I have with this powder. It provides hardly any oil control on my tzone. By about eleven, sometimes even earlier, my tzone has already gotten very oily. I feel like as this powder was not cheap it should at least last through half of the day. A mere few hours does not do it for me. Also, I haven't even used this in the summer heat yet and I don't predict it performing any better. Another con with this powder for me is that when I have dry spots it clings to them and makes them look even worse.

I'd only recommend this powder to those with normal skin that don't have an oily tzone. The powder itself provides nice coverage and is fairly sheer on the skin. But if you're looking for something that controls your oily tzone, this powder isn't for you. Also if you have dry skin or normally have dry spots, I'd look somewhere else for a powder. 

I had high expectations for this powder but have not been impressed. I will probably continue to use it since it wasn't cheap. But, I won't be repurchasing this again. 

What are some of your favourite go-to powders for oily skin? 

Have a great day!