Body Shop Fuji Green Tea + Virgin Mojito Collection Lotions

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since my last post. Life has been a bit busy at the moment and has resulted in me neglecting the blog. I'm going to try to be a bit better going forward!

Today I want to talk about some moisturizers I was kindly given to test out from the Virgin Mojito and Fuji Green Tea Collections.

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First up, the Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion*. This is a great lotion that I really enjoyed as it was light and absorbed quickly into the skin. I think this is great for this time of the year as it's not too thick and you wont feel sticky throughout the day if you like to apply your moisturizer in the morning (I'm a nighttime applier). The scent is the same as the rest of the Fuji Green Tea Collection and I'm definitely a fan. I was recently neglecting this moisturizer even though I like it, I prefer the scent of the Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet* so I passed the lotion on to a friend who would appreciate it more than me. 

On to the Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet! As mentioned, I really like this scent. It's so fresh and perfect for this time of the year. The sorbet formula is weird to describe. Kinda thick feeling but then it absorbs quickly onto the skin and doesn't leave me with any sticky residue. I do apply this at night, so I'm not sure how it'd perform if you applied this in the morning and then went about your day with this hot humid weather we're having in Toronto this week. 

Finally, the Virgin Mojito Body Butter* is another great addition to this collection. Has the same great scent as the Body Sorbet but as I'm sure you're familiar with Body Works Body Butter they have a thicker consistency. As such, I haven't been using it much since I think this would be better for me in the winter/fall time. 

Overall, both collections have great products that I think are worth checking out. Out of the three, the Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet is my favourite!

Check the collection out here!

* This post contains product(s) provided for review purpose. All opinions are my own and no compensation has been provided for this post. Products provided for review purpose have been marked with a (*).