Burberry Makeup Review

Hey everyone!

So Burberry finally became easily accessible to us Canadians. 
You can find Burberry at The Bay and online on Sephora now! I placed a "little" order when they first became available on The Bay since I couldn't resist trying some products out. 

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From left to right: Nude, Rosewood, Pale Barley

So the first thing I wanted to try was an eyeshadow from Burberry. But then came the selection process. I couldn't decide on just one, so I initially ordered two - the infamous Pale Barley and Rosewood. Then, I had second thoughts and placed a second order for the Nude shade from the Wet & Glow Range. 

So my thoughts? Were they worth the hype? Rosewood definitely was. It has become my go to shade recently and it's one of those shades that doesn't need to be paired with anything else. I can apply this on the lid and crease and be out the door. Rosewood is a great taupe/brown with pink/rose undertones that make it unique. I like to wear this during the day but also at nighttime. 

Now on to Pale Barley. This was the first shade in my basket because I've heard sooo much hype about this shadow over the years that I knew I had to check it out. Well is it holy grail status to me? No. This is a nice shade. It's a lovely light brown/slightly taupe shade perfect for daytime. But is it worth the price tag? Nope. It's a nice shade but I much prefer Rosewood. 

The third shade was Nude from the Wet & Glow range. This purchase was mainly facilitated by ttsandra who had previously talked about this shade. I knew I had to check it out after seeing it on one of her videos. I absolutely love this shade! I've only tried it wet so I can't speak to how it performs dry. I love to wear this on the lids with a medium brown applied on the crease. It's a great shadow for summertime and I usually wear when I go out at night. 

My final purchase was the Lip Velvet Lipstick in Peony Rose (not found online on Sephora but you can get it on The Bay). First, the packaging. BEST lipstick packaging and it's one that gives total gratification applying. One thing I dislike about this lipstick is the scent. The talk about the granny smell is true but it's something I've learnt to live with because this shade and formula are too good to pass on. This lipstick feels so comfortable on the lips and doesn't dry them out, even with being a matte formula. Peony Rose is a gorgeous nude/roseperfect for everyday.

Overall, I've fallen in love with the Burberry makeup range. My two favourite items are the Rosewood eye shadow and the Peony Rose lipstick. I've started a problem and I foresee myself purchasing a bunch more makeup products. 

Find Burberry makeup on Sephora and The Bay

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