Travel Adventures: New York City

Hey everyone!

Recently me and a friend had the opportunity to leave Toronto for a bit and check out New York City! This was both our first time visiting New York City so we were definitely excited. We were there for five nights and four days. We stated at the Holiday Day - Financial District location. The hotel was great as it's recently been built so a lot of the amenities were new. Some of the bad: hotel sink was tiny (no room for any toiletries), elevators were really busy during peak hours and although the location was near the metro - during the weekends it was a bit of a hassle to get to the places we wanted to check out since we were literally at the bottom of the island. 

That aside, we had a great time in New York City. Some of my highlights were: the High Line, Lobster Rolls at Chelsea Market (soooo good - a must if you go - we actually had them twice XD), Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge. I loved New York City and some of the less touristy areas such as the West Village and SOHO. What I didn't like was how incredibly touristy some spots were such a Times Square. We checked it out quickly and then never went back because it was wayyyy too intense. Also, New York City smells. I understand why but oh man going there on a hot and humid week just intensified all the smells. 

Even with the funky smells, I had a great trip and I see myself going back many many times. Heres are some photos from my trip! 

Hope you enjoyed the photos!