Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette

Hey everyone!

When this palette started popping up on Instagram I knew I'd have to try it out. I mean how can I resist a palette with six different products in one easy compact place? 

Find out my thoughts below!

I was very excited for this palette when I first heard about it. The day it became available online for us Canadians I ordered it. Then I started reading about the size issue. I really didn't think it'd be a problem for me since I don't own any of the shades in this palette. So in theory I'd be able to try out six products for a kinda reasonable price (kinda is a big stretch here). 

First lets talk about the shades. Top row (left to right): Dim Light, Iridescent Light, and Diffused Dight. Bottom row (left to right): Mood Exposure, Luminous Flush, Luminous Bronze Light. From my understanding Iridescent Light is the only new shade in this palette, all the other are available in the permanent range. 

First up the highlighters. On a day to day bases I usually reach from Dim light or Diffused Light. Dim Light I've been liking to set my concealer with and it doesn't make my under eye look cakey. But it also doesn't add much brightness to my under eye area - which I can get with other products such as the Bare Minerals Concealer in Well Rested. Diffused Light is a great natural highlight and I've been mixing it with Iridescent Light to amp it up a notch during the day. 

Now on to the blushes and bronzer. I have been gravitating towards Mood Exposure as we're now in Fall and it's a more Fall appropriate colour. But for me these blushes look pretty similar when applied. I don't know why but one day I'll use Mood Exposure and the other day I'll use Luminous Flush and on the cheeks they don't look that different. I'm a fan of the formula and I have one other full size blush from Hourglass in the shade Dim Infusion  - a great peachy shade which I wore a ton in the Spring/Summer. 

As for the bronzer I haven't really played around with it much. I'm pretty fair and bronzer is hard for me to pull off, so I usually stray away from it unless it's super sheer and won't look blotchy. This one on the other hand is not subtle at all. When I swatch it it's really shimmery and definitely one I wouldn't wear on a day to day basis to work.

Overall, this palette really doesn't excite me. I usually tend to force myself to use this in the morning primary due to the steep price I paid for this. I think this is great for someone who frequently travels or someone who hasn't been exposed to the Hourglass brand. The size of the pans are small but if you don't have an issue with that you do get a chance to try out different products and figure out which you like. I think my favourite is Dim Light but one of the main benefits of Dim Light is that it can be used as a setting powder - but I can't do that due to the pan size in this palette. Which is disappointing. 

With all that being said I will be returning this palette. It just isn't worth the money for me as the pan sizes are too small to  be able to use Dim Light as a setting powder, the blushes really don't wow me, and I know I'll hardly ever use the bronzer. 

What are your thoughts on this palette?