Brush Talk

Hey everyone!

Today's post is all about my most used face and eye brushes. Brushes can make a big difference on how your makeup is applied and the finished result. Therefore, having a good selection is key. 

First - the eye brushes. Somehow I've accumulated quite a few eye brushes but these five are always the first I pick out. From the left - the Sigma E25 (previously named the SS217) -  this mini was a freebie brush that Sigma used to give out when you purchased a brush set (got mine back in 2010). I purchased my set before they renamed the brushes back in the day. Still this brush has held up over the many years I've owned it and it's my favourite crease brush. It applies shadow nicely to the crease without over applying and getting everywhere. I've also used this to apply shadow all over the lid. 

Next up  - my only MAC brush - #239. I love this brush for applying shadow all over the lid. It's a bit flat which allows it to also be used to apply shadow on the lower lash line with little fall out. When I want an overall wash of colour on the lid or in a bit of a hurry the Sigma E60 (previously SS252) is my brush choice. It's a large shader brush and it's very dense allowing you to pack on the colour. 

For a brow bone highlight I like to use the Sigma F70 (previously SS194). This is suppose to be used as a concealer brush but I prefer to use my beauty blender for my concealer. I reached for this brush on a whim to apply a highlight when I ran out of clean brushes. But it's size and tapered end is a great brush for highlighting the brow bone. It applies colour where needed without messing up any other shades I have on my eyes. This has been my brow bone brush for quite some time now. 

And finally - to blend everything together I like to use the Sigma E40 (previously SS224). If you have small eye lids this may be a bit too big for you. But it's a really soft brush that blends the edges of my shadows really quickly without too much hassle. I've also used this in the past for my concealer and works great for that purpose too. 

Now on to the face brushes. I like to use my beauty blender to apply my foundation so these brushes get the other steps done. For blush I like to use the Real Techniques Blush brush. This brush is a great size and the hairs on the brushes are super soft. On the other hand - another blush brush which I find too small for blush is the Elf Blush brush*. It's a tapered brush with soft bristles which I like to use for my highlight. And to powder everything all down I like to use the Real Techniques Powder brush. This is a great powder brush which I use to set my foundation. Due to its large size it allows me to powder my entire face with just a few strokes - being able to get my makeup done really quickly in the morning!

There you go, those are my most used brushes! Aside from the Elf Blush brush and the MAC #239 - all others have been purchased by myself. I've had my Sigma brush set for roughly five years now and the eye brushes have held up very well. I use them very frequently and yet they have held their shape. I will note that a couple of my face brushes have had the glue come off on the ferrule. I haven't had this issue with any of the eye brushes. 

I highly recommend the Real Techniques line for makeup brushes - as they are more affordable and great quality brushes. But that being said, I still love my MAC brush and I've been considering purchasing a couple more to try out. Given my experience with my Sigma brushes I would still recommend their brushes but I'd recommend the eye brushes in the Essentials Kit over the face brushes. Aside from the brushes in the Essentials Kit I haven't tried any other Sigma brushes. 

What are some of your favourite brushes?

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