The Eyeshadow Junkie Tag

Hey everyone!
I absolutely loved watching these tag videos on YouTube when they first started popping up and thought I'd join in and give you my answers to the questions!

1. Favourite drugstore line for eyeshadow? 
For powder eyeshadow I love the selection from Wet n' Wild. The shadows have great pigmentation and blend easily. My favourite shade is Nutty. But - for cream products I love the Maybelline Color Tatto Cream Eyeshadows in Pure Nude and Barely Beige. I love using either of these two for a base when I want a neutral eye look.  

2. Favourite eyeshadow primer? 

Has to be the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I've used this for years and have gone back to it even after trying the NARS and Too Faced eye primers. 

3. First ever eyeshadow purchase and do you still use it? 

It'd have to be a trio from NYC back when I was in elementary school. I try to clean out my makeup on an annual basis so I no longer have it in my collection - plus it wasn't the greatest quality trio. 

4. Best eyeshadow drugstore dupe? 

In my collection currently, it'd have to be Nutty from Wet n' Wild. As many have said, this is a very good dupe for MAC Satin Taupe. Not perfect dupe but very similar. 

5. Most underrated? 

It'd have to be Becca's Ombres Nude Eye Palette. I think everyone needs to have a basic matte neutral palette in their collection and this is a great choice. The eyeshadows have great pigmentation and blend beautifully when applied. 

6. Favourite single eyeshadow? 

I've grown to love my Burberry eyeshadow singles. The hype is definitely real with these. My two favourites are Pale Barley and Rosewood. If I had to pick just one, Rosewood has my vote. 

7. Favourite cream eyeshadow? 

From the drugstore I love the Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows. On the higher end, Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick Eye Colours are absolutely amazing. I currently own Amethyst and have my eye on a couple more. What I love about the Laura Mercier cream eyeshadows' is that they do not crease - even without a primer. My eyelids get pretty oily and I've found a lot of cream eyeshadows crease after a few hours but both these options hold up pretty nicely throughout the day. 

8. Favourite neutral coloured eyeshadow? 

If I want to have a matte look, the Becca Ombres Nude Eye Pallete is my go to. But if I want a bit of shimmer I will gravitate to Burberry Pale Barley or Rosewood. Both these options are also great for daytime. 

9. Favourite coloured eyeshadow? 

So I don't really wear much true colour on my eyes. I used to love blues and greens but don't really go for those anymore. MAC Circa Plum pigment is as far I'll usually go for colour. Sadly this was a limited edition product but if you see this pop up again, I do recommend checking it out. It's a gorgeous shimmery plum that looks beautifully on the eyes. Since this is a pigment I tend to just apply this on my eyelids and will use another shade on my crease. 

10. Best eyeshadow palette ever? 

This is a hard one. There's been so many great ones that have popped up over the years but I do love the Becca Ombre's Nude Eye Pallete. I think this is a great classic palette that everyone needs in their collection. 

But I will give a honorary mention to the Tarte Tartelette in Bloom palette. I recently picked this up and it's been my go-to palette over the past month. 

And that's it! 

Hope you enjoyed this tag blog post!