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Today's post is a tad different. Last week I had the chance to chat with the CEO of Mereadesso, Linda Stephenson. 

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Linda was at Nordstrom during the opening weekend sharing her skincare brand, Mereadesso. Linda was super friendly and walked me through her skincare line's product offering. 

If someone were to try one product from the line, she recommended the All-in-One Moisturizer. This moisturizer is packed with ingredients that anyone of any skin type, age, or gender can use. Yep - her skincare line is unisex and even your significant other can use it. If you check out the ingredient list on this moisturizer - you'd be surprised at how packed it is! That's what makes this moisturizer a good choice for any skin type - as your body will use what ingredients in needs. She also mentioned that people see results differently. For example, one person may have their acne disappear, another may see reduced redness. I think it's pretty interesting that one product can have such an variety of results on different people. 

One product I was very impressed by was the Travel Ease Kit. This kit comes with the All-in-One Moisturizer as well as the Face and Neck Cleanser in resealable pouches. The pouches are slim but they product you with two weeks worth of products. I was so impressed as this would be such a good alternative if you're just travelling with a carry-on luggage. I remember trying to squeeze all my liquids in a clear pouch when I was travelling to San Fransisco earlier this year and that was a big struggle. These pouches would have came in super handy. 

I asked Linda why she her one product for all approach is Mereadesso's approach. Before starting her skincare line Linda used to work for big cosmetics companies (MAC, Estee Lauder, to give you some examples) and she found that there was a missed market. The individuals who don't want to fuss over ten or more products but want results with minimal products. I definitely agree with this. As someone who is pretty busy with work - my daily skincare routine is minimal. Five minutes a day is all I'll allocate on my skin, if it's anymore it likely won't last. 

Linda gave me some personal advice that I think is beneficial to all young women in any industry - always go where you'll be constantly learnings. Be the person that volunteers for opportunities other don't and the rest will follow. 

If you're interested in checking out Mereadesso, you can find them online here and here. You can also find the line at the Nordstrom Eaton location and soon at over a Nordstrom Yorkdale location. 

I'm excited to test out the products from this line and will keep you in the loop with my review!

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