Last month I got the chance to chat with CEO of Mereadesso. It was interesting to learn more about the products and the brand.

I got the chance to test out a couple of the products from the brand over the past couple of weeks. Find out more below! 

Mereadesso Face + Neck Cleanser
Mereadesso Tinted All-in-One Moisturizer

First up, let's talk about the Face + Neck Cleanser. I will point out that I got to try the product in the travel pouches. One thing I love about the packaging of the travel sized products is that they are resealable. This is the first time I've seen travel products packaged this way, as normally, they come in small pots. I really like how slim these are - making them super easy to fit (more like squeeze) into travel sized bags. But there is also a full sized version of this product is regular packaging! Ok packaging aside - let's talk about the cleanser itself. 

This product is like a one stop shop. It replaces your makeup remover, face wash, toner and mask. Well - that sounds just great to me as I like simple skincare. I found that this cleaner, without using the cleansing cloth, worked great at cleansing my skin. My skin felt clean but not tight after using. On a day to day basis I tend to only wear mascara on my eyes. I found that this didn't get all my mascara off and I had to follow up with a cleansing water. The Face + Neck Cleanser also comes with a cleansing cloth that you can use with the cleanser that allows you to also exfoliate your face. The cloth was very gentle on my face but also did work well as an everyday exfoliant. 

Now on to the Tinted All-in-One Moisturizer. This product comes in four shades - Light, Medium, Dark, and Deep Dark. I like that they have shades for darker skin tones, but the Light shade isn't that "light." Even with the slight (and I mean slight) colour I got over the summer - this was too dark for me. So I wasn't able to wear this out but wore it around the house to test out for review purpose. One thing that Linda mentioned to me when I met her is that you have to shake this product well before using it. She gave me the scientific explanation for why shaking it is required ... but I was never great at my chemistry classes. After giving this product a good shake, I applied it with my fingers. After this is blended into the skin, it sets to a matte finish which is different from most tinted moisturizers. I liked how it looked on my skin and for a tinted moisturizer, it gave great coverage (light/medium). I will note that if you have dry skin or dry patches, this probably isn't for you. I found that this did cling to a couple dry patches I had. It'll work best for people with normal or oily skin types. 

Overall, I really liked both the Face + Neck Cleanser and the Tinted All-in-One Moisturizer. I'll just have to wait until I have a decent tan to be able to wear the tinted moisturizer. 

You can find Mereadesso products on the Mereadesso website or at Nordstrom. It's great to see a Canadian skin care brand offered at Nordstrom! 

*This is not a sponsored post.This post contains product(s) provided for review purpose. All opinions are my own and no compensation has been provided for this post.