It's crazy to think that it's only October and so many brands have already brought out their holiday collection. Where has the time gone?!

Well, if you're starting your holiday shopping early, the Quo Holiday 2016 collection has some great choices for you!

First up, lets talk about the colour scheme in this collection. I love the combination of rose gold, black and hot pink. I think it was a great combination that Quo chose this year!

The Quo Hidden Treasures Cosmetic Crackers ($18) are a product the Quo brings out every year. I'm not surprised, as they come with a great selection of mini products inside. Each set comes with three crackers that you can split up and gift to three different people. This year each cracker comes with a mini lipgloss and a duo eyeshadow. The lipgloss have a lovely sweet scent and are not sticky at all! The duo eyeshadow that I got in the cracker that I opened up was a medium/dark brown and a creme highlight colour. Both applied really nicely on the eyes. 

Next up, brows! Quo always has a brow option in their limited edition sets. The Quo Brow Beauty Eyebrow Kit ($20) is a great choice for those just starting to get into the eyebrow craze. It comes with two eyebrow shades, one highlight colour, wax, stencils for your brows, a mini tweezer, a mini angled brush and a mini spoolie. The two brow shades are great to use solo or mix together when doing your brows. After you've filled them in, you can set everything with the wax in the set. I'm not a fan of the highlight shade as it's pretty shimmery, and I tend to go for a matte highlight colour. 

One of the many brush sets available in this collection is the Quo Ready-Set-Travel Brush Set ($17). This brush set comes with a blush brush, round blending brush, angled brush and a shading brush. All brushes are very soft and don't feel scratchy on the face. The blush brush is my least favourite of the set - as I found it didn't pick up product evenly. 

I have saved my favourite for last. The Quo Luxury Lipstick Wardrobe ($30) is a great choice for any lipstick lover. It comes with four lipsticks in the shades - Creme, Orchid, Fig, and Raspberry. It pretty much covers all your lipstick needs. Creme is a peachy nude, Orchid is a cool toned pink, Fig is an everyday "my lips but better" shade, and Raspberry is a gorgeous raspberry red. I own a significant amount of lipsticks yet, this set stands out to me. This is a great set if you're recently getting into lipsticks or even have accumulated one too many. 

Hope this post helped you with your holiday shopping!
What are some of your favourite limited edition collection coming out this season? 

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