My travel beauty essential - Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask

I love travelling. Whenever I get a chance to travel - I take the opportunity. 
One of the most common ways I tend to travel is by air. 
But with the airplane recycled air comes dry skin. 

Now I always fly with the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask with me. 
Find out more below!

About a year ago I took a trip with some friends to San Francisco. I think with the change in weather from Toronto, my skin had a freak out. I came back with super super super dry skin. I did not know how to handle this. I tend to have normal / combo skin during the winter/early spring so this was a shock for me. I tried many many products and finally after a few weeks my skin went back to normal. 

One of the products I picked up was the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask. My skin was really dry so this mask didn't really help with getting it back to normal. But this mask has become my staple airplane product. I could never be one of those people that apply sheet masks during a flight. Aside from just the looks I'd get, I wear glasses on flights ... so I wouldn't even be able to see. After the plane takes off I apply a generous layer of this all over my face. Even though it's a mask, it's not that noticeable. If I have a shorter flight (less than 4 hours) I'll apply this only once. But if it's a long flight, I tend to reapply half way through the flight. 

2016 was a busy year for getting on flights. My San Francisco trip was the first for 2016 and every trip I took afterwards I used this mask. I never had the crazy skin fiasco for the rest of the year. Even though the regular size is 100mL and you could take the full size on a plane, I tend to put a small amount in a pot. I now like to travel with only carry on luggage, so space for my liquids is pretty limited due to restrictions. 

The Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask is my favourite product from the brand. I'll definitely be repurchasing this once my current tube is done! 

What are you inflight beauty essentials?