Tatcha Essence Review

I first heard about essences in 2017 when more and more companies started bringing them out. I was skeptical but wanted to try one out to see if I could see a difference. I opted for the Tatcha Essence as my first dip into the essence world. 

First up - what is an essence and why should it be incorporated into your skincare regime? From reading other posts, the main benefit of an essence is that it will soften the skin and open your pores to allow the next product you apply concentrate deeper into the skin and as a result, provide you better results. 

I was curious to see if this would work. In October/November I started noticing my skin was getting this one dry patch that wouldn't go away with the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. I would have to put on a salve on top of the dry patch at night to ensure it didn't appear below my makeup. This is also the same time that I started reading more on essences. So I thought this would be a good time to test out an essence.

I picked up the Tatcha Essence as it also included anti-aging properties. It was definitely a pricey item and I picked it up during Sephora's sale. When I first picked this up, I only used it at night. The Tatcha Essence feels like water. I apply a few drops on to my palm and then press onto the skin. After about a minute, I'll go over with my moisturizer. After using this for a couple days I noticed my dry spot disappeared. That was the main test that actually showed me results that this was actually doing something. 

Since then, the weather in Toronto has been very very cold and my skin has felt it. I now apply this morning and night before my moisturizer. I find that midday my skin does get dry but I think this is mainly the cold weather and the lack of water I drink throughout the day. 

Overall, the Tatcha Essence has been a permanent skincare product in my regime and I'll continue to use it. I do enjoy using the product and hope to see more lasting effects with future use. 

Have you used essences? What have been your results and which one do you recommend?